3 Online Marketing Strategies to Generate New Physical Therapy Clients

3 Online Marketing Strategies to Generate New Physical Therapy Clients 

As we roll into the new year, you should be beginning to think about strategies to grow your physical therapy clinic in 2020. Using online marketing strategies such as content creation, social media and paid advertising are all great ways to market your business to new patients. While your marketing budget should consist of both online and offline marketing tactics, in this article we’ll dive into top online marketing ideas that will help you generate business short and long term. 

Online Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Physical Therapy Clinic

Content Creation

Create content that provides value to your future, current and past clientele.Focus on content that solves your target audience’s problems in order for you to have a better chance of being found quickly in search. Start by making a list of the top questions you get from patients on a day to day basis. Think of unique content ideas to help provide the answers to these questions in a quick, easy to digest manner. For example, video marketing is a great way to visually help your target audience solve their problems. You may have patients asking about the typical physical therapy session for a certain common injury, such as a broken leg or a hurt shoulder. You could video a short, example session and then write about what you would experience during a physical therapy session for this injury within the video description. Share this video via email with your database, on your blog (be sure to include content with the video) or upload it to Youtube. You can even do all three! You’ll want to utilize your content as much as possible in order to expand its reach. 

If you don’t have the time or resources to invest in video right away, that’s okay! Blog articles are another great way to answer your target audience’s questions, get found on search and help move your potential patients through the decision making process. Your goal is to showcase your expertise as a physical therapy clinic and highlight your strengths and capabilities. Posting new articles on your website on a consistent basis will increase your chances of ranking on search results for people in your area looking for a physical therapy clinic or looking for more information about their needs.

Social Media

Is your physical therapy clinic active on the top social media channels? If not, you should invest time into creating profiles and posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Having a presence on social media helps boost your brand in search results. So many of your patients and potential patients are on social media, why not stay in front of them by sharing information that they value? 

Optimize your profile for search by making sure your page name matches your company (if you have the room, it’s also smart to include the location within your name). Your profile should include a bit about your company, contact information and your website url. Your photo can be your logo, team photo or something visual that represents your brand. 

When posting across social media channels, remember to be relevant, timely and informative. You know your target audience and what they care about, so provide them with valuable content that they will want to follow and read. New and future patients will see you as a trusted resource and go back to your profiles to gain knowledge about their issues. 

Paid Advertising

If you want a short term way to generate new business for your physical therapy clinic, consider paid internet advertising. Implementing a Google Adwords campaign that targets your local area and utilizes specific keywords that describe your physical therapy services is a fast way to get found via search engines and generate new leads. Anyone searching for specific keywords that you are bidding on, such as “Kansas City Physical Therapy Clinic”, will be shown your ad. Your ad should include some information about what makes your physical therapy clinic unique, who you serve and then a link to a specific landing page. 

If your marketing budget allows, you may also want to experiment with Facebook and Instagram advertising. Using videos that showcase your services, such as examples of certain exercises for common injuries, you can generate new traffic to your website to increase brand awareness. If you don’t have videos yet, you can use images (without a lot of text) and sending traffic to a landing page with more information about your services on it. 

The Bottom Line About Online Marketing For Physical Therapy Clinics

Online marketing is an excellent tool to increase your physical therapy clinic’s brand awareness and generate new patient leads. With the use of content, social media and paid advertising, you can grow your physical therapy clinic business. When strategizing your marketing plan for 2020, be sure to include budget for all three of these marketing activities, as well as any offline marketing tactics that have been working for your business!

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