Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Finding New & Better Ways to Help You Manage Your Physical Therapy Billing Services

Maybe your practice isn’t quite ready to outsource physical therapy billing services, but you think there are some slight internal adjustments that could boost your billing efficiency. We get that and we’re still here for you. 

We can set up a consultation to evaluate your billing data and office workflows to help dial-in a better, more cost-effective process. With years of experience in the industry, a depth of knowledge of common billing software, and a drive for efficiency, you can rest assured that your business’ growth will be our focus.

How can TRS help your business?

Revenue Stuck in A/R?

Our expertise and efficient processes could help you shift your A/R to receive your reimbursements faster and more effectively.

Do you need help with A/R?
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Input your A/R percentages below.

About Therapy Revenue Solutions

Therapy Revenue Solutions provides services for all aspects of revenue cycle management as well as staff coaching and training, insurance contract review, clinician and facility credentialing and comprehensive AR auditing and training.

We work daily with our clients to resolve billing and collection challenges and is hands on in all aspects of running a successful healthcare practice. Contact Kerry today to discuss how your practice can benefit from the services TRS has to offer.

Our co-founder, Kerry Clemetson, has more than 22 years’ experience in the healthcare industry. Kerry’s knowledge and experience helping private practice owners achieve greater profitability allows her to provide exceptional service to her clients.
We’ve owned a practice for 18 years, and I sure wish we had found TRS, and the great service they provide, many years earlier than we did.
Deb McKrola
MSPT, Associate Clinical Director

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