What is A/R Management for Physical Therapy Clinics?

What is A/R Management for Physical Therapy Clinics?

A/R stands for ‘Accounts Receivable’ and if you’re not already familiar with the term Account Receivable means the payments your business has rights to collect in return for the services rendered. For Physical Therapy Clinics, your A/R is the money you are collecting for treating clients and patients either directly or through insurance claims. The longer you leave your A/R (waiting to collect your money) the longer your business goes without making money! 

How A/R Management Services Can Help Physical Therapy Clinics

Leaving A/R management to a billing solutions provider is a huge productivity booster for your clinic. Your staff can focus on the care of your clients while your management service helps you bill and retrieve payments to keep your business running! 

A great A/R management partner will provide you with the opportunity to know the status of your business at all times. Utilizing custom reporting, physical therapy clinics can view billing reports and data in a simple, quick manner that allows you to adjust your practice for maximum efficiency. 

While automation process for A/R is great, a human element is important for the best follow up. By partnering with a billing services solution, you will have a hands on approach that allows for more free time for your staff to improve efficiency of daily clinic activities. 

Professional Insurance Billing & Collections

It is extremely important for your physical therapy clinic to leave the insurance billing and collections to a professional for many reasons. Often, office managers and front office staff will bill insurance in house but have a lack of understanding about the process as a whole. Overlooking fee schedules, reimbursements, cci edits and modifiers along with other essential billing aspects can be critical in your business getting paid accurately and in a timely manner. 

Because of the busy day to day in a physical therapy clinic, this is commonly not the fault of the staff but just an overall lack of knowledge and training. Many times office managers and front staff are not taught in depth about these processes and mistakes happen. 

When it comes to denials and rejections, oversights will often happen due to lack of professional resources. Outsourcing to a professional billing service will prevent this from happening and provide your clinic with the resources and hands on management that you need to get paid! A billing service will focus on handling rejections and denials thoroughly by contacting the right people who can get these denials or rejections correctly reprocessed. While it may seem like a training or people problem, realistically there are just imitations when it comes to office staff and in house billing – that’s where professional billing services step in! 

Start Outsourcing Your Accounts Receivable Management Today!

Focus on what you do best and leave the A/R up to the professionals! Our specialized billing physical therapy team will take care of your accounts, leaving you to take care of your clients! Contact us today to learn more

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